Web Design MistakesAvoid driving potential customers away by making sure you avoid these web design fails.

Using too many fonts

Try to limit your fonts to just two or three that complement each other. Using more than three starts to look messy and haphazard. San serif fonts are easier to read and look cleaner.

Using too many keywords

When you use keywords strategically, it can be helpful in the Google rankings, but be careful not to overdo it. Using keywords too many times is also known as ‘keyword stuffing’. Google will pick this up and penalize you for this. Rather, write for your readers and use your keywords naturally.

Playing a soundtrack

Having music play automatically can be very annoying for your visitor. They may be at work, near someone sleeping, or be in a public place. Playing music automatically as soon as someone opens your site is an almost guarantee that they will leave it very quickly. If you would like to have music or a video playing, give the visitor the option to play.

Confusing layout and naming structure

When it comes to the layout of your website and naming the menu headings, this is not the time to get too creative. One of the main goals of your website design is to make it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for. Keep it simple. At the very least you should have Home, About Us, and Contact Us along the top of the website. You can repeat the menu at the bottom of the website too.

Garish colours

If your eyes hurt when looking at your website, then you know you have chosen the wrong colours. Stick to two or three complementary colours that contrast well. If you are unsure of what colours to choose, you can search for ‘website colour schemes’, or have a look at some of your favourite websites’ colour schemes and you will have plenty of ideas to get you started.