Ideal Home PageThe home page is one of the most-visited pages on any website. If a visitor doesn’t like what they see, they will quickly leave, and you have lost the opportunity to win them over. Your home page is most often your first impression. Make sure that you are giving visitors a clear picture of what you are about by setting up your home page correctly.

What makes a good home page?

It answers ‘Who’ and What’

Let the visitors know right away who you are, what you do, and what the visitor can do on the website. Make this information is clear and succinct and put it front and centre. Visitors that can’t make out what you are within a few seconds, won’t stay longer to try to figure it out.

It resonates with your target audience

Hopefully, you’ve got your target audience narrowed down. Speak to them directly – use their language and address their concerns. Avoid jargon and fluff words.

It communicates your value proposition clearly

One of the goals of your home page is to keep your visitors on your website. If you are clear on your value proposition on the homepage, your visitors (if they are your target audience) will stick around.

It is optimized

With so many people accessing the web from their phones and tablets, it is important that your homepage is optimized to work on multiple devices. Avoid objects that get in the way such as animations and pop-ups. Also, avoid an over-complicated design and rather keep it simple.

It encourages action

A “call-to-action” (CTA) tells your visitors what to do next, so they don’t get overwhelmed, or just leave your website. Create a CTA that doesn’t require much investment from your visitor. Good examples are “Learn More”, “Free Trial”, or “Schedule a demo”.