1. Your Page is not about YOU

Write an About PageNope. Your readers do want to know a bit about you, but most importantly, they want to know how you can help THEM. And before you can tell your readers how you can help them, you need to be clear on who your ideal customer is. Which takes us to the next point…

2. Who are your ideal customers?

Get clear on your ideal customer, and put that at the very beginning of your About page. For example ‘Launched in 2009 as a full-service digital agency for non-profits and charities, this site…’

See there – you have quickly established that you are a digital agency that works with non-profits and charities. Now anyone on your site knows immediately if they are in the right place or not. Having this upfront helps connect with your ideal audience because they know they are in the right place.

3. Tell them how they benefit

If the reader gets to this point, they are very likely your ideal customer. Now you can tell them how your website or business will benefit them. You can use specific examples here – or even testimonials. Specific examples of how you helped a charity with a big fundraising event or helped another NPO increase their reach and expand their donor base will have more an impact than just listing all the services you provide.

4. Close with a call

A “Call to Action”, that is.

You don’t want a reader to get the end of the page, and then just move on, forgetting what they have just read. Encourage your readers to take action and connect with you – it could be to sign up to your newsletter, or perhaps follow you on Twitter. This gives you the opportunity to connect with them again at a later stage when they already know what you are about.