GIFs get attention

Web Design TrendsYou can do GIFs right, or you can do it very very wrong. GIFs can give a sophisticated, unexpected element to your website if done properly. Use them sparingly on specific elements you want your visitor to focus on such as a sale or new products.

Big and bold

Typography is going bold. Use it to anchor down your homepage, and keep the rest of the page minimal.


For many years flat design was popular for websites. That is starting to change and more and more companies are getting custom illustration made for their website. It is a great way to add unique touches and inject some personality.

More colour, brighter colour

A minimalist design is infused with personality by adding bright colours. Gradients are also very popular – both shades of one colour or rainbow gradients.

Overlapping text and images

This is a break away from structured, ‘boxy’ layouts. The text is partly laid over images in a seemingly haphazard manner.

From design to experience

Good web design used to be about making a website beautiful and look good. It has developed into more of a focus on the actual user experience.

More authenticity

Rather than making sole use of stock photos, companies are investing in bespoke images that relate to the company specifically. Using images of the team are also popular – it creates a stronger connection with the visitors.


Taking a cue from websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, more and more companies are changing their websites to be long-scrolling. Rather than using menus and tabs, everything is put on one long page. The text can be broken up with videos, images, or typography.


You will probably be seeing a lot more green this year – the Pantone 2017 colour of the year is called ‘Greenery’.