Understand Your Audience

Writing a Great Blog PostKnowing your audience will make it easier when deciding what to write about. What do they want to know about? What do they want to learn? What are they interested in?

The more specific you can get on your audience, the more focused you can get for your blog posts.

Choose Your Topic

The topic is the general idea of your blog post. For example, you may want to write a post on how about fundraising for charities. This is quite broad, and there are many things you can write about fundraising, so you need to narrow it down.

Choose a Working Title

You have your topic, and now you can narrow it down and get your working title. The topic of ‘fundraising for charities’ can be made more specific, for example, ‘How to raise money online’, ‘How to organize a charity race’, or ‘Run a pub quiz to raise money’. Having a specific topic to write about is actually much easier than a broad, general topic.

The actual title of the article may change at a later stage, but this ‘working title’ gives you focus.

Write the Introduction

Get your reader’s attention with a captivating opening. Then, explain what the post will be about and how you will help your reader.

Outline your Content

Your post will have different sections – start to list them out. Don’t go into too much detail just yet – you are just getting the basic outline down. Once you have done this, have a look at your order and see if makes sense. Move things around if necessary.

Write, Write, Write

What may have seemed overwhelming when you first started – writing a full blog post – should appear a lot more attainable now you have done the background work. Using your outline, expand on all your points.


As a final step read through your post and fix any errors in spelling and grammar as well as any stylistic improvements that can or should be made before posting or publishing.